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My Take on Chellsie Memmel’s petition denial to the 2012 US Championships.

I spoke with Chellsie’s mother hours before the start of the Secret US Classic.  The scoring criteria was NEVER made clear to Chellsie or Andy Memmel (her coach). The criteria appears to be made up after the fact. That’s the issue.  The qualifying scores are not as clear cut as some individuals have been led to believe.  Currently, there are NO media outlets doing a thorough analysis of this issue.  If this qualifying criteria is so clear, WHERE can we access it?  Therein lies the issue.  I support the comeback efforts of both Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin; however, Shawn did not score a 28.00 at the 2011 CoverGirl Classic—yet qualified for the 2011 US Championships.  Nastia Liukin was named to the US National Team at a closed door training camp without competitive results since 2009.  I believe both Shawn and Nastia deserve the benefit of the doubt in both situations, but so does Chellsie Memmel.  Chellsie literally stole the show at last year’s US Classic posting impressive scores, and she performed well at the 2011 US Championships until her shoulder injury in the last rotation.  She was named to the 2011 Pan American team which served as criteria for direct qualification to the 2012 US Championships. She showed up to the Secret US Classic in good shape (see training videos posted on USAG’s YouTube Channel).  Clearly, there is more to the story of her denied petition than simply not meeting a qualifying score.  


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